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The exstreamspeed API comes with a set of simple wrapper functions over the socket library to make it easier to build networking applications. These are known collectively as the es_sock interface.

The es_sock interface differs from other exstreamspeed interfaces in that it is not object based and does not maintain state. The aim is bundle some of the most common use-cases of the socket library into a small set of easy-to-use functions. The interface is as follows:
General Functions
es_sock_sendbuffer Set send buffer size socket option.
es_sock_recvbuffer Set receive buffer size socket option.
es_sock_close Close socket.
TCP/IP Specific Functions
es_sock_tcpinit Initialize tcp/ip socket.
es_sock_tcpnodelay Disable nagle buffering algorithm.
es_sock_tcplinger Set socket linger-on-close timeout option.
es_sock_tcpconnectip Connect to remote IP address and port.
es_sock_tcpconnectname Connect to remote host-name and port.
es_sock_tcplisten Listen on port.
es_sock_tcpaccept Accept new connection.
UDP/IP Specific Functions
es_sock_udpinit Initialize udp/ip socket.
es_sock_udpconnectip Connect to remote IP address and port.
es_sock_udpconnectname Connect to remote host-name and port.
es_sock_udpbind Bind udp/ip socket to port.

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