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exstreamspeed was developed by Richard Brooks. You can contact him at richard@wyrdtek.com.

Richard has worked as a technologist in Finance for fifteen years building derivative pricing, risk management and trading systems as well as electronic trading platforms for quantitative and algorithmic strategies.

A recurrent theme in each system that Richard has built has been the pursuit of better real-time (or high-performance) management of large, structurally complex data sets.

The task of integrating application components with databases and other storage solutions have invariably led to the development of proprietary middleware and middle-tier services. Much of the total development cost goes into building frameworks that can manage the data and provide the means to get at it quickly.

What was needed was a better generic tool to deal with this problem. A tool that was easy to integrate with modern programming languages, could cope with high degrees of data modeling complexity and still provide the expressive power of a database interface. This tool also needed to be fast.

exstreamspeed was designed to be this tool.