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struct es_mba is an opaque data structure representing a database aggregator. An aggregator is a powerful high-level tool for aggregating, deriving and filtering data.

The interface allows you to aggregate various database values by one or more keys. Key and aggregate result fields are defined from database fields or from formulae derived from database fields.

Given a specification of keys and results, the aggregator automatically derives and executes a program, known as a query plan, against an input database definition and instance.

The aggregator interface is largely declarative and independent of the actual structure of the database used to source the data.

Data can be filtered or excluded from a query via formulae or through use of membership filters (struct es_mbm ).
es_mba_new Create new database aggregator.
es_mba_delete Delete an aggregator.
es_mba_addmembership Add membership filter to aggregator.
es_mba_addkey Add aggregation key field to aggregator.
es_mba_addresult Add aggregation result field to aggregator.
es_mba_addformula Add formula field definition to aggregator.
es_mba_addfilter Add filter formula definition to aggregator.
es_mba_prepare Prepare aggregator query plan.
es_mba_exec Execute aggregator query plan.

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