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exstreamspeed is a fast in-memory database library. It solves the OLAP problem: a way to store and summarize multi-dimensional data efficiently.

exstreamspeed is designed to support both queries and updates in real-time. The data-model is based on a graph of relational "nodes" and is transparent to the user.

exstreamspeed is a C/C++ library. Low-level access to traverse the database is provided through iterator APIs. Higher-level access to query and summarize information across the database is provided via aggregator and query language APIs.

exstreamspeed is very fast. It generates and executes object code on the fly reaching speeds of 10-100 million records per second. Innovative indexing algorithms allow for hashing of variable length binary data. exstreamspeed also includes a specialist string hashing algorithm based on a tree of dynamically-sized hash tables.

exstreamspeed is Open Source and is available under GNU General Public License Version 3.

Mesh Example
polygonal mesh database example

Extensive API documentation and example programs are available. More involved case-study examples are provided that solve problems such as real-time financial risk management, tick-data playback and a distributed database for storing polygonal mesh data for scientific applications.

An example that defines, builds and queries a Sales database is presented below. There are two programs: one written in C and one in C++ using the C++ object wrappers that are included in the exstreamspeed distribution.