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struct es_mbc is an opaque data structure representing a class. A class forms part of the definition or schema of a database. It defines the set of fields, indices and parent relationships of a set of nodes. It corresponds to the definition of a table in a relational database. It can also be thought of like a C++ class which describes the structure and runtime characteristics of one or more objects (i.e. nodes).
es_mbc_new Create new database class.
es_mbc_newsub Create new database sub-class.
es_mbc_addfld Add a field to a class definition.
es_mbc_addfldidx Identify a field as part of an index.
es_mbc_addfldmbu Add save, load and delete callbacks for user-defined field.
es_mbc_addfldmbu_sd Wrapper over es_mbc_addfldmbu for storing string dictionaries.
es_mbc_addfldmbu_mb Wrapper over es_mbc_addfldmbu for storing database instances.
es_mbc_addfldstr Define size of user-defined fixed-width field.
es_mbc_getdefinition Retrieve the database definition that this class belongs to.
es_mbc_getclassid Retrieve classid assigned to class.
es_mbc_getclassname Retrieve class name for class.
es_mbc_getindextype Retrieve index type of class.
es_mbc_getbatchsize Retrieve batch size for class.
es_mbc_getparent Retrieve parent class, if applicable.
es_mbc_getextends Retrieve super class, if applicable.
es_mbc_getishidden Determine whether a class is a hidden class or not.
es_mbc_getnumflds Retrieve number of fields in class definition.
es_mbc_getnumfldidxs Retrieve number of fields in index definition of class.
es_mbc_getfldid Retrieve fieldid associated with a class and field name.
es_mbc_getfldname Retrieve name of field corresponding to a fieldid.
es_mbc_getfldtype Retrieve type of field corresponding to a fieldid.
es_mbc_getfldidxname Retrieve the name of the i-th index field.
es_mbc_getfldidxtype Retrieve the type of the i-th index field.
es_mbc_getmbu Retrieve callback functions for user-defined type.

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