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struct es_mbd is an opaque data structure representing a database definition or schema. A database definition contains a set of database classes, each of which describes the field, index and parent relationships for a set of database nodes resident in each corresponding database instance.
es_mbd_new Create new database definition.
es_mbd_delete Destroy database definition.
es_mbd_getclass Retrieve class definition by name.
es_mbd_getclassbyid Retrieve class definition by integer class-id.
es_mbd_getnumclasses Retrieve number of classes in database definition.
es_mbd_save Serialize database definition.
es_mbd_load De-serialize database definition.
es_mbd_savefile Serialize database definition to a file.
es_mbd_loadfile De-serialize database definition from a file.
es_mbd_savebuffer Serialize database definition to a file descriptor.
es_mbd_loadbuffer De-serialize database definition from a file descriptor.

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