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struct es_mbn is an opaque data structure representing a database node. A node is a set of rows or tuples within a database. The set of fields that constitute each row or tuple is described by a database class.

Each row of a node may contain fields that reference other nodes. In this way, each row may be considered to form part of a hierarchical or tree-like structure.

Different rows within one or more nodes of the same class, may refer to the same child node instance. This can be convenient for efficiently modeling many-to-many relationships.
es_mbn_new Create new database node.
es_mbn_delete Delete node and all descendents.
es_mbn_getnumrows Retrieve number of rows in node.
es_mbn_getdatabase Retrieve database instance of which this node is a part.
es_mbn_getclass Retrieve class corrresponding to node.
es_mbn_getclassid Retrieve class id of class corresponding to node.
es_mbn_getclassname Retrieve name of class corresponding to node.

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