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int es_sdm_addsd( struct es_sdm *mgr,
                  const char *name,
                  int storestrings,
                  struct es_sd **res );


struct es_sdm *mgr String dictionary manager.
const char *name Name of string dictionary to be created.
int storestrings Flag to indicate whether to store id-to-string mappings. Non-zero means yes (ES_SD_STORESTRINGS). Zero means no (ES_SD_NOSTORESTRINGS). Only string dictionaries constructed with ES_SD_STORESTRINGS will be serializable.
struct es_sd **res Assigned result. Passed by reference.

Return Codes

ES_ERROR_NONE String dictionary already exists with this name. res is assigned that string dictionary instance.
ES_ERROR_FAILTOFIND No string dictionary exists with associated name, so new one created and returned.


Create a new string dictionary instance and add to string dictionary manager with associated name. If name already exists, res is assigned to that instance instead.

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