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int es_mbn_new( struct es_mb *db, struct es_mbc *cls, struct es_mbn **res );


struct es_mb *db Database instance.
struct es_mbc *cls Database class.
struct es_mbn **res Assigned result. Passed by referenced

Return Codes

ES_ERROR_NONE Success. No errors.
ES_ERROR_UNKNOWNINDEXTYPE Index type used to construct cls is invalid.


es_mbn_new() constructs a new, empty database node with respect to the database instance db and database class cls. Memory allocated for a database node is always zero-filled.

Root nodes are automatically created by es_mb_new() when the database is constructed. Invoking es_mbn_new() for a root class will replace the root node for that class/database combination with *res.

Nodes constructed via es_mbn_new() can be assigned to a row in a parent node using a field-binding (see es_mbb_mbn_v() and es_mbb_mbn_r()).

Database nodes can be destroyed explicitly via es_mbn_delete() or implicitly via es_mb_delete() when the corresponding database is destroyed.

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