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int es_mb_savemap( struct es_mb *db, const char *filen, unsigned bufsize );


struct es_mb *db Database to be saved.
const char *filen File name.
unsigned bufsize Buffer size used in serializing database.

Return Codes

ES_ERROR_NONE Success. No errors.
ES_ERROR_FAILTOSAVE Failed to load. Check errno for any system errors.


es_mb_savemap serializes a database to disk in a special format that can be readily accessed by memory-mapping via es_mb_loadmap(). This can be very efficient if subsequent usage of the database only requires access to a few parts of it (via filtered iterating, for example) since only those portions would be loaded from disk.

es_mb_savemap is unlike es_mb_save() and its associated wrapper functions es_mb_savefile() and es_mb_savebuffer() in that it only saves root nodes (i.e. child and descendant nodes are ignored ) and ignores user-defined fields (defined via es_mbc_addfldmbu()).

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