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Reference/Compiling and Running

The exstreamspeed library is deployed as a shared object built with settings for position-independent code and has no library dependencies other than glibc.

A C program binary source file, database.c, may be compiled in the following way (where $ES_ROOT represents the root directory of the exstreamspeed deployment).

  gcc -I $ES_ROOT/include -fPIC -c database.c -o database.o
  gcc -L $ES_ROOT/lib -les -o database database.o

A C++ program binary source file, databasecpp.C, may be similarly compiled:

  g++ -I $ES_ROOT/include -fPIC -c databasecpp.C -o databasecpp.o
  g++ -L $ES_ROOT/lib -les -o databasecpp databasecpp.o

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