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Reference/Example Programs

The API distribution contains a number of example programs. These can all be found beneath the examples/ subdirectory.

All example programs are available in both C and C++ variants: Each C source file has a corresponding C++ version with the prefix cpp.C. For example, the database.c source file has a databasecpp.C twin.

The reference/ sub directory contains the basic usage examples and it's recommended for new users to start with these. The programs include:
database.c How to use the core database interfaces including how to define database structure, populating databases and running queries.
filesave.c/fileload.c How to save and retrieve databases to/from disk.
client.c/server.c How to send databases across networks using both tcp/ip and udp/ip protocols.
dates.c How to use the es_date (date calculator) interface.
statistics.c How to use the es_sc (statistics calculator) interface.

The mesh/, tick/ and risk/ sub-directories each contain complete sample applications or case studies that are more advanced. Refer to corresponding README.txt files for usage instructions:
mesh Application for generating and saving polygonal mesh data to a virtual database comprised of a grid of distributed in-memory database servers. Includes mesh rendering (see image on home page) client app.
tick Application for saving and retrieving a sequence of financial market "tick" data.
risk Application for saving and querying an interest rate and credit derivatives risk database.

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