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int es_mbi_findfetch( struct es_mbi *iter, struct es_mbn *nd );


struct es_mbi *iter Database node iterator.
struct es_mbn *nd Database node.

Return Codes

ES_ERROR_NONE Success. No errors.
ES_ERROR_INVALIDBINDING The field-binding associated with iter is for a class that is not the same (or a valid super class) as that of the node nd.
ES_ERROR_MISSINGINDEX The field-binding associated with iterator iter is missing bindings for the index fields.
ES_ERROR_FAILTOFIND Failed to lookup row corresponding to index field values.


Look up row in database node nd and fetch row contents. Set iterator to point at row.

The field-binding associated with iterator iter must contain bindings by-value for each field that makes-up the index for node nd. es_mbi_findfetch() uses these field values to look up the corresponding row in nd and then fetches row-data for the remaining field bindings.

If the row cannot be found, es_mbi_findfetch() returns ES_ERROR_FAILTOFIND. iter is left in an undefined state in this case.

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