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int es_mbb_i16_v( struct es_mbb *fb, const char *fieldname, uint16_t *pvar );


struct es_mbb *fb Field-binding collection.
const char *fieldname Database field name.
uint16_t *pvar Reference to 16bit integer program variable.

Return Codes

ES_ERROR_NONE Success. No errors.
ES_ERROR_INVALIDFIELDTYPE Database field is not a 16bit integer (ES_FLDTYPE_I16).
ES_ERROR_UNKNOWNFIELD Unknown database field in this class.


Bind by value the 16bit integer program variable referenced by pvar with the database field fieldname. The field-binding fb must have been previously constructed via es_mbb_new().

Binding by value means that the value reference by pvar (i.e. *pvar) is copied to the database during an insert/update operation and fieldname's value is copied to *pvar during a fetch operation.

Index fields (which must be integers) must be bound by value for use in index look-up operations such as es_mbi_findfetch(), es_mbi_findupdate() and es_mbi_findremoveidx().

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