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int es_mba_exec( struct es_mba *agg, struct es_mb *inpdb, struct es_mb *resdb );


struct es_mba *agg Database aggregator.
struct es_mb *inpdb Input database.
struct es_mb *resdb Result database.

Return Codes

ES_ERROR_NONE Success. No errors.
ES_ERROR_UNPREPARED No query plan exists. Call es_mba_prepare() first.


Execute an aggregator query plan against an input database instance (inpdb) and populate a result database instance (resdb).

Requires that es_mba_prepare() be called prior to being invoked.

es_mba_exec() executes the program (or query plan) developed by es_mba_prepare() in comparable time to constructing and running the same program by hand.

es_mba_exec() may be repeatedly invoked against different instances of input and result databases.

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