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int es_mba_addresult( struct es_mba *agg, const char *fieldname, int aggtype );


struct es_mba *agg Database aggregator.
const char *fieldname Database or formula field name.
int aggtype Aggregation type. See below for list of enumerated values.

Return Codes

ES_ERROR_NONE Success. No errors.
ES_ERROR_INVALIDFIELDTYPE fieldname is not an integer or double-precision type.
ES_ERROR_FIELDEXISTS fieldname has already been specified as a key or result.
ES_ERROR_UNKNOWNFIELD fieldname is not a valid database or forumula field name.
ES_ERROR_INVALIDAGGTYPE aggtype is not one of the valid aggregation types listed below.


Specify a database or formula field to be an aggregated result. A result field can be an integer or a double-precision number.

Formula fields defined to be results must first be defined via es_mba_addformula().

The aggtype parameter controls how the result field gets aggregated. Valid values include:
ES_AGGREGATE_SUM Aggregate result value by summing.
ES_AGGREGATE_MAX Aggregate result by choosing the maximum value.
ES_AGGREGATE_MIN Aggregate result by choosing the minimum value.
ES_AGGREGATE_MIN Aggregate result by counting the number of result values.

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